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The Six-Pack Diet Plan

The Secrets to Getting Lean Abs and a Rock-Hard Body Permanently


"Rehan KNOWS nutrition and supplements"
--Sylvester Stallone


"Six-pack" abdominal muscles have long been viewed as the sign of ultimate physical fitness. Although many people strive for this level of fitness, lasting success evades them. Bodybuilders, advertising models, and professional athletes make achieving a "washboard" stomach look easy. So why do so many people have trouble getting lean abs and lowering their body fat? Can you get six-pack abs and maintain this level of fitness permanently? Read more >>

Rehan Jalali on Canadian Television

"The Art of Building Bodies" - Canadian Television

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Background and Purpose

The supplement industry is not regulated by a national agency. Due to the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act), supplements are unregulated although if they are found to cause any side effects they can be taken off the market by the FDA (US food and drug administration). The SRF wants to help consumers use the proper supplements for their goals as well as give them detailed unbiased information on those supplements so they can make an educated decision on what to use. Our purpose is to educate individuals about supplements by providing research studies and other detailed information. We want to help supplement consumers see through false and over hyped advertisements and marketing gimmicks. Some of these supplement advertisements are as subtle as a heart attack! We feel that this organization will help raise the supplement industry to a higher level and make supplement consumers smarter and more knowledgeable about supplements.

Our Vision

The SRF is dedicated to be an information hub for dietary supplements. We provide research information pertaining to supplements and act as a resource for individuals seeking complete and detailed information. We want to raise the standards for the supplement industry and give consumers all the information they need to make an educated decision.

We will be able to send out copies of full text research studies as well as a complete description and other materials on each supplement. This information will almost be like a package insert that comes with prescription drugs.

Our goal is not to criticize any companies or do a laboratory analysis of any products. However, we will be able to provide detailed information on specific supplement ingredients and nutrients.

We will have upcoming seminars on supplements being used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. This seminar will also include information on training and nutrition. It will be for doctors, professionals, and any individuals seeking more knowledge on supplements.

Overall, we feel that this organization is a necessity in the supplement industry and will contribute immensely to its positive growth.

Questions or comments

Please e-mail us at rehanjalali@yahoo.com. Other inquiries or membership info, please e-mail at rehan@tsrf.com.




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